Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lovin' Mondays

Nope, not nuts!

Twice now, I've gotten wonderful book news on Mondays.
This time it's a contract for another book. Yep!
A historical romance entitled HEARTSONG. I LOVE
this book. It started on a winter's day while we
still lived in Michigan.

I was on the way to teaching a class in writing
fiction and listening to a tape (remember those)
of the last act of the opera Faust. The black
moment of the book popped into my mind and I knew
someday I would have to write that book.

Eventually, the story wouldn't leave me alone. I
wrote, rewrote, gave to my husband who reads all
my work, then wrote and rewrote some more. It
finally all came together. My publisher liked
it, I loved it, Even my critical husband loved
it. Now it gets to see the light of day in
August of next year.

I'll keep everone posted. When the edits are
finished I'll post excerpts on my web page.

Can't you tell? I'm jumping with joy.

'It's all about Romance'

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