Monday, October 01, 2007

The Arrival of Fall

The weather is warm - but not too warm.
There's a breeze, but not a strong wind.
The season is changing. Every business is
cloaked in an array of orange, black, ghosties,
ghouls, and candy... Did you every see so
much candy?

Our dentists have got to love this.

So, what on earth does fall have to do with
writing? It seems to me, that fall is an
especially good time to clear the 'deck' er
'hard drive' that is. All those little bits
and pieces I've been saving, the URL's I haven't
had a chance to check on, the suggestions on
character developement, writing clean, editing, now
seems like an ideal time to clean up.

On top of that, this new computer has a mind of its
own. I have to figure out why it dumps everything
in a special file, one that I didn't name.

Don't you love computers???? OH, yes, I'm asking
that with a straight face.

But they are great. The new blog about authors'
characters is causing a stir. Trouble with doing
something like this, all those books sound so good,
I'll be buying books and reading instead of writing.
Then there's our Writers' Conference coming in April.
More about Conferences in a couple of days. They are
the fire starters for a writer. And, we are going to
have a fabulous conference. As I said - more later.
For now, I have computer housekeeping to do.

Allison (check out the

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