Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fighting with Characters

I've got a problem. This time it's a beaut!

My medieval "Heartsong" is about to begin edits.
I love that tale,throughly enjoyed writing that book.
So what's the problem, you ask? Well, I'm supposed
to be editing another book for submission, I have
the gothic started (chapter five is nearly finished),
I have a contemporary in progress.

Okay, that's not impossible.

Oh, yes it is. Because, now, I have some of the
characters who first appear in the medieval
screaming at me. They want their story told.

I have to finished the edits, or that book will never
see the light of day. The gothic is just welting away,
the heroine, I believe, is furious with me, and of course
the contemporary is definitely now on the back burner.

But what do I do about the medieval characters?

No! I'm not crazy. This is what happens to undisciplined
romance writers. The stories just won't go away.
I'll have to decide in the next couple of days
or suffer a real melt down. I suppose I could outline
the medieval and set it aside. Or go back to the Gothic,
but there are the edits.........

Oh, a writer's life!

Allison, still faced with a problem.

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Michael Rigg said...


Been there. Am there. Bought property overlooking the lake there.

You are not alone. I've had characters screaming at me for a long time too. That's why I started letting them out on a fiction blog dedicated to their story. It's sketchy and a weak draft, but it lets them stretch their legs.

Anyway... Just found your blog. Thought I'd say 'hi' to a fellow wordsmythe.