Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Okay, I'm not going to wax lyrically about
all the reasons I'm thankful. Instead, I
want to mention a couple of things about
Thanksgiving day that need repeating. First,
it's a day for football. And most people eat
too much.

The original Thanksgiving wasn't even celebrated
in November, there was no football, and most of
the people involved had family and friends an
ocean away. According to most sources there were
no Indians at the meal, and I'll bet that the
day was pretty much like any other day. These
were very religious people, so I have a hunch
they were thankful every day they survived.

Thanksgiving itself wasn't a holiday for many
years, so a lot has changed. One other thing -
now that I live in the deep south, I'm surprised
at how different the food for the traditional
meal can be. Cornbread stuffing, cooked by a lot,
outside the bird, sweet potato casserole, milk
gravy with hard cooked eggs, and even biscuits
and greens.

We're having ham! My family does not like turkey,
and given my experience with the turkeys my
Grandmother raised, it's no wonder. Those
are mean birds. Ever been chased by a belligerent
bird? I have! I escaped with my life...

We're having ham!

And to all those in the US who are proud of this
country, a happy Thanksgiving. May you enjoy
the football games, may your team win, and may
you eat enough to be fulfilled.

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