Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas is coming - fast!

Oh, no. December 16th. I haven't written a single
Christmas card. There are still cookies to bake, and
no candy made - yet. At least the small Christmas
tree is now up and decorated. A step in the right

By have you ever noticed - how, the busier you are,
the more life interrupts. I have things to do and all
of a suden, I now have phone calls to make and strighten
out a bit of confusion. Doctors visits have to be rescheuled,
because the Doc's away, so the mice can play. And then
there is the writing, the work for the romance chapter to
which I belong.

Like I noted. Life gets in the way. Tomorrow we travel
to see one of our children. Unplanned, of course. But off
we go. Cookies and candy and Christmas cards will have
to wait. Sigh!!! Maybe I can do some baking today.

'It's All About Romance"
"Heal My Hurting Heart" available now
from Champagne Books. "Heartsong"
coming in August

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