Friday, April 18, 2008


Almost a month since I last added any comments to this
blog. But it's been a very busy month. The past weekend,
April 11th through the 13th, and to be honest, nearly
every minutes for the past two months, up to and
including the weekend, was involved with our
Silken Sands Writers Conference in Pensacola, FL.

My heart felt sympathies to all those people who have
ever tried to hold a conference of any kind. This was
a first for me. I had no idea it involved all of the
months of work it took to make it a success, which
it appears to have been.

Of course, I had a tremendous amount of support from
the other writers in our little chapter. On top of
that the Chairperson and her co-chair had done this
once before. So she was knowledgeable and so organized
it almost made me ashamed of myself for my lack
of organization. But, I'm learning.

Now as I put the conference behind me, I can once again
concentrate on writing. Soon, I'll have the edits for
"Heartsong" which is truly the book of my heart! As soon
as I have the cover for that book I'll post it.

I also have books to write, so one set of priorities
have changed, but I will still be busy. And I learned
more from this conference about organization than I
ever thought possible. Now, it's time to practice
what I learned.

More later!

"Heal My Hurting Heart", Champagne Books
available now. "Heartsong" in August and
"A Treasure for Sara" in March of next year

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