Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Busy Spring

Trying hard to get back into the swing of things.

Not easy. First the conference, and now the
family. Three of my four children came to visit.
Lots of cooking, (two teens in the group)and big boys,
my two and my son-in-law, who all like to eat. And
the Texas kids brought their dog, a BIG German Shepard.
She a nice dog, but we only have a three bedroom home.
Our poor little cat was imprisoned in our bedroom.
And he was not a happy kitty.

But the children left for home, taking the dog and
care packages of extra food. (Mother can't let the
kids leave without a handout.) Finally, things are
getting back to normal and I have returned to the
stories in process.

I've outlined another two romances, taken a hard look
at the sequel to Heartsong, and started on the next
chapter of the gothic. Not a bad start in the attempt
to return to my normal writing schedule. There's still
conference pieces to finalize but that too is coming to
a halt, so I can devote my time to my books.

The only problem I have now is trying to decide which
book needs my attention the most. Think I'll spend
time on the gothic. I've a few ideas on how to knock
a few characters off, but I have to decide who's "doing
the dirty". I really don't know who the villain is yet.
Guess the characters will have to tell me, or will it
be the last one standing? Stay tuned while I try to
get them to confess!

Available from Champagne Books
in August "Heartsong"
Coming in March, a Yukon romp,
"A Treasure for Sara"

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