Sunday, September 07, 2008

Adding an Addition to the Family

It's called stupid! Or better yet - I've lost my

I love animals. We've had dogs, cats, even a hamster.
Now, we have a big yellow male cat who has celebrated
his 8th birthday, and no, we didn't have a party
for our king cat.

But two weeks ago, our son found a little black
kitten running around in the storage area of the
place where he works. The poor little thing
hadn't had a thing to eat for at least two days.
(except perhaps, a few bugs)

Also being an animal lover like his mother, he
brought the tiny kitten home with him.

Of course, only a couple of months earlier
he'd bought a kitten himself to keep his bigger
cat company. He really couldn't keep the little guy.

So... Big hearted Mama said, "we'll take him!" But
I had forgotten what kittens are all about. This one
wants to play -- all the time. With the big guy, with
the computer keyboard, with my fingers and hands. It's
a miracle I can still type because his play ends up
in a sharp nibble!

Can't wait for him to grow up a bit so he can no longer
climb up my leg to get to the keyboard, stay out from
under the furniture and leave the big cat alone. (I've
had more exercise in the last two weeks, getting up
and down and under things, chasing the little guy out
of place he doesn't belong, then I've had in years.)

Writing? Don't count on it. Things are all about a
kitten at the moment.

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Christine said...

I love animals, too. Your cats are sooo cute!