Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane IKE

I can only offer my sympathy and prayers for those
souls who lost their homes, their businesses, even
their lives in Hurricane Ike. The pictures coming
over the Internet and the news are heartbreaking,
and they remind me again of the destruction on
the Gulf three years ago.

As a kid, I remember tornadoes: the silverware
stuck in a tree, a garage flattened like a pancake,
siding and trees everywhere, the neighbor's roof
in the barnyard of the farmer a mile down. Nothing
good about a tornado.

However, there are a couple of big differences.
For one thing, with a tornado, you have a path,
and it's usually not too wide. You also don't
have the water! I can't imagine coming home to
snakes and alligators in my house, yet that's
what some of these people face.

The only good thing about a hurricane (if there
is one) - you know it's coming and you usually
have time to grab your stuff and, if you're
smart, run.

Again, my thoughts and prayers are with the
victims and their families. Selfishly, I can
hope we don't have another hurricane in the
Gulf for years to come. It's a terrible,
sinking feeling to watch the pressure drop,
the winds accelerate, and know it's heading
for you!

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angelin said...

Strong winds could be a problem, but the dead oak tree in the back yard was taken down a few weeks ago during the run-up to Edouard and is no longer an issue. We have plenty of plywood, bought 3 years ago for Rita and never used; we have a generator strong enough to power both freezers and maybe give us some light as well. We have plenty of battery-powered lighting, with fresh batteries. We have containers of water, from the filter tap for drinking/cooking and unfiltered for flushing toilets if need be. We have plenty of non-perishable food, and our stove is gas and hence less subject to supply disruption than an electric one would be.
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