Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

December 25th. Wow! For me it means I'm another
year older. Yep, my birthday is Christmas Day.
I was born about this time - many years ago.
(Oh, come on. Women don't tell their ages.)

The cookies were baked, the candy was made,
now everyone is stuffed with goodies and
I have a few moments to myself. Yah!

Also I have some news. My publisher is having
a New Year's eve sale. Buy one, get another
for half price. (I love sales and yes, I'll be
out tomorrow, hunting for bargains.)

The publiher's sale will only last for a few
hours. Here's the information.

As always,

Watch for "A Treasure
for Sara" coming in March
from Champagne Books

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Karen the Ghost Writer said...

Could you please drop me a line and tell me when "A Treasure for Sarah" comes out? I would appreciate that. Thank you!