Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trying to Write

Well, I found out something that makes my hair curl.
Okay, my hair is curly, kinda, now, but this really
made me stand up and take notice. (Well, not exactly)
I discovered I cannot, repeat, cannot write when I'm
under the weather.

I manage with a messed up computer, I could even do
it after surgery, but when I don't feel good, in fact
yucky, I cannot create. I'm almost finished with my sequel
to Heartsong - almost, and I'm at the critical turning
point of the story. I know what happens, I just can't
get it down on paper.

And we've had really hot weather here, which doesn't help.
Today is another extreme "heat alert" day, and we've had
quite a few so far. The problem is, we are close to the
gulf of Mexico and humidity is high, right along with
the heat.

Okay, I'll stop complaining, and try to put something
on paper.

Back to the story. Again! SIGH!


Allison Knight
"It's All About Romance"
"Heartsong" named Best Novel of the Year
"A Treasure for Sara" available now
Both from Champagne Books

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