Monday, July 05, 2010


Let me introduce Arthur from
"Heartsong". This is Rhianna's
younger brother and this is his

This is what happens when you write
a book and fall in love with the
characters. You can't let them go.
You don't begin to write a series,
but the characters become so alive
to you that you have to tell the
stories of those who people the book.

And so it is with the family from
"Heartsong." I simple can't stop
thinking about them and what
their lives were like back in the 13th century and
the problems they faced. Arthur made such an impression
that his story appeared out of the blue, just as
Rhianna in "Heartsong" appeared from a song.

The third brother appears in both "Heartsong" and "Battlesong"
but he has to wait for his story because the second brother
must have his story told. I'm working on this one next.
It's called "Windsong", and I'm afraid brother number two
has really had a hard time. He's out for revenge. So
"Windsong" is a tale of revenge. Of course, with all romances
does he get his revenge, or is he captured by the lady who
becomes the instrument of his vengeance?

I know how it ends, but I'm not telling.

"Battlesong" Available in August
from Champagne Books

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