Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This business of e-readers

My old Sony reader died. It took forever to load, and
then I wasn't certain the font could be changed. Like
all of the electronic products, life is only about three
years and this was at least that old. I bought it when
the Sony first went on sale.

I was in the process of buying some e-books and I really
didn't want to wait to have a reader shipped to me, so
I spent some time on the internet to see if any local
stores stocked e-readers.

Low and behold, Target had the Sony, and they also carried
the Kindle. Unfortunately, the Kindles were all sold out,
which tells me e-readers are gaining in popularity, even
if major bookstores and publishers don't want to admit it.

I bought the new Sony, with the touch screen and went home
to plug it in and before supper time, it was charged up
and ready to go. No wonder Amazon announced they had
sold more e-books than hard cover books by almost 2-1
in the first quarter of this year.

I guess I'm at the right place at the right time. My books
are available now for the Amazon Kindle, and can be downloaded
from many of the book seller sites that sell e-books. The
ease of loading a book to the reader, the speed of download,
and the ability to read that book right away is just wonderful.
On top of that, I can change the font to large so I can read
with ease. I really do love this.

Allison Knight
"Battlesong" available in August
from Champagne books.

And yes, it's an e-book.

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