Saturday, August 07, 2010

Promotion Time

Part of the fun, if you can call it that, of being an author
is promotion. Unless you are really big and the publisher
knows they will sell thousands of your books, you must
do a lot of the promoting yourself.

So for the past month, I've been lining up different blogs,
talking to people about interviews, doing articles for
various sites, so I get a chance to get my name out there.

Why? Because there are now so many writers on the net,
some who are brilliant, or even a few who can barely string
one sentence to the next, that you have to wade through the
throng. You can't stand and yell fire on the internet. Nor is
there much of a stage for you to perform by yourself. Nope,
you have to share the spotlight with thousands of other
authors. You do everything you can to stand out from the

There are a lot of novelists who think because a big NY house
bought their book, they can sit back and wait for the money
to roll in. It doesn't happen that way.

You have to let people know what you've written, where to buy
it, what genre it's in and what it's about. Even if you write for
a big NY house. Thank the lord for the net. It does make promotion
easier. But a lot less time consuming? Not a chance.

If you are interested in what I'm doing and where I'm visiting,
visit my web page and take a look at the news and events page.

It should explain a lot.

Now, back to writing the next Great American Romance. (grinning)

"Battlesong" available from Champagne Books
Coming in February a short novelette - "Roses for My Lady_

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Ciara Gold said...

I am right with you there. I've been trying to promote while I can, before the rush of school. Best of luck with your new release.