Thursday, October 27, 2011

Learning to Tweet

I spent almost two hours on a loop last night, learning
how to tweet. The social media revolution, at times,
stuns an old person. Remember, I grew up when a
voice at the other end of the telephone receiver ask
what number you wanted. On top of that, chances
were very good, you would be sharing your phone line
with at least one other family, commonly called a party line.

It was great fun to pick up the phone, tell the operator
to hold all our calls, (which she did) because my sister and
I wanted to play on the phone. (We had one phone upstairs
and one down stairs, because our mother was bed ridden at the
time) And boy, did our father have a fit when he found out.

Not only that, if you were on a party line there was a chance
someone on the line would be listening in on your conversations,
sometimes just to find out the latest gossip.

Not much different today, when you can go to Twitter, Facebook,
or any number of Yahoo groups and find out all kinds of things to
gossip about.

I'm not against the new social media sites. Nope, it's just a bit
taxing to try to learn the new hows and whys.

So, look for me on Twitter. My handle is historicalAllie.
You don't have to wonder where I got that, do you?

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