Friday, September 07, 2012

It's September already

Oh, boy, this is taking longer than I thought it would. I'm scheduled for
Cardio rehab next week and they tell me it is brutal. If I can get back
on my feet, I guess it will be worth it.

Looking forward to my next book, a contemporary, "Betrayed Bride",
coming in May from Champagne Books. And I have started work on
a new Lovesong. I learned one thing. Don't try to write when you feel
lousy. I pitched three chapters this week. At first I thought this isn't
too bad, then I got to thinking about the plot and how impossible
it was. It didn't work for either of the characters.

So, now I have a new plot, a new location, and a new goal. To get
Lovesong finished by Christmas.  Fingers crossed. If rehab goes
well I'll make it. In the meantime, Catherine, the heroine of Lovesong
is another one of  those ladies, stubborn, makes up her mind and
that's that.

I'm looking forward to getting her on paper. And of course, if
you've read any of my other medievals you know Arvel is charming,
loves women, and is a skilled physician. Catherine thinks she's the
better healer so that's only
part of the fun.

In the meantime, I have to get my health back. Cardio rehab...
Here I come.


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