Friday, October 05, 2012

It wasn't so bad

Okay, I've started rehab. It wasn't brutal, at least not yet. But, oh boy,
do they watch you like a hawk.

First thing they do is take your blood pressure. Then there are the
stretching exercises. next the machines. Bicyle, arm thingie to build
up the cardio sytem, a step machine and of couse the every present
treadmill. While you're doing the exercises, they (the nurses) are
running around with their blood pressure machines and their pulse
oximeters (testing your oxygen level) to make sure you are not
getting stressed.   They want the heart rate increased a bit, or so they
say. Then when you've finished your time (five minutes on each machine
they've there with the blood pressure machines and more stretching excerises.

I've survived the first three sessions, so I do think I can do this. Of
course, I'm still not working much on Lovesong. Politics is getting
in the way, but I won't bore you with any comments.

I do feel great and I'm afraid I'm going to be one of those people who
will, at the slightest comment, lecture about eating and exercising properly.

I almost killed myself. And I have only the good Lord to thank that my
doctor wouldn't listen to my half lame excuses.

Tomorrow I promised myself I would get Catherine down on paper, and
I feel good enough now to do just that. I'll have to consider an office
clean up when Lovesong is finished, but that book comes first.

Heart-warming Romance with a Sensual Touch
Allison Knight

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