Saturday, November 03, 2012

Finally, writing!

Finally, after weeks of procrastinating, I got started on Lovesong. Why did it take so long, you ask? Simple. The story hadn't jelled in my mind. I had the basics, the hero, the heroine, some of the characters. I knew where the story started, or thought I did, and where it ended, but I'm not one of the pansters (writing by the seat of my pants). I have to have a vague idea where I'm going and how I'm going to get there, the later being the more important.

Oh, that's not to say things don't change as I go along, but I have a pretty detailed framework before I start. And with Lovesong, the framework was missing.

One afternoon as I sat waiting for one of my many doctors, ideas came out of nowhere and suddenly the story began to grow. That's also why I never go anyplace without a notebook and a pen. As I waited I wrote. I now knew not only where I was going but why.

So I'm off to work on Lovesong. And I can hardly wait for y'all to meet Catherine.

Of course, I gotta get pages written before the game today. This is Saturday and that means college football. I guess I got the love of the game from my dad who never missed listening to a game on the radio. His team is not my team. And in the south and in Alabama, you either root for Roll Tide or the Tigers (Alabama or Auburn). I feel sorry for my friends who have kids who attend or have attended both schools. They kinda have to root for both.

Not in the household. We're for Alabama all the way. Roll Tide!

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