Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

Tomorrow, hopefully the citizens of this country (USA) will gather
together and be thankful for what we have.

Statics tells us, most people have cell phones and TV here in this
country, and many people living west of the coast have a roof over
their heads. I feel so sorry for the poor people in NJ and NY who
have lost everything. If you can contribute to a charity of your choice
give as much as you can, because a lot of those people have nothing

But for those of you who are enjoying reasonably good health and
have food to eat. although it may be less than you'd like, at least
we are alive. I feel that keenly this Thanksgiving. When you almost
don't make it, being alive suddenly is something in itself for which
to be extemely thankful.  And I am. I'm still breathing, my heart
is still beating and I can move around without much help. Guess the
changes are all part of the aging process.

I'm thankful for so many things. As the song goes, "Every night I
count my blessings". May you also have many blessings to count.

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