Sunday, December 23, 2012

Too Much Sharing Is Not Good!

Over a month since I've had a chance to offer a bit of insight
into what life is offering at the moment...

As I've noted, in June I had to have open heart surgery because
the main artery was blocked.

In December, my DH went to the hospital for a stress test. He was
so tired, just couldn't move around without getting winded and
being so exhausted he felt useless.

So.... you guessed it. Open heart surgery, with a block in the main
artery, and in about the same place as mine. His blockage wasn't
as extensive, however, where I had two, he has four, one large
block and three much smaller blocks in smaller arteries.

So you understand why I say "too much sharing is not a good thing."

I'm recovering quickly, because now I have to care for him.

I'll get back to at least two or three time a month, in a couple of
months. My goal for the new year is once a week with a concentration
on passing along some of the things I've learned in my twenty plus
years in this business.

I'm still trying to finish the fourth of the 'song' books. But it is coming
along.  This one has a real twist.  More later.

Heart-warming Romance with a Sensual Touch

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