Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Still trying to decide

I haven't decided what I'll post about in the near future. I'm working hard on Lovesong and trying to visit the blogging sites I promised to post with. I think it's time I opened the blog to some of my writing friends. I'll decide in the next day of two what we will do for the next go-round. I'm thinking in terms of asking why these authors have shown to write a certain genre.

Now that ought to prove interesting. Let's go with that. Look for this new series starting in July.
Since July tends to be hot and humid for most of the Northern Hemisphere I think I'll start with the hot end of the scale and ask why people want to write hot (Or way they selected to try that genre)

Stop By July 1, for the first adventure in writing Hot. (which is something I don't do)

Betrayed Bride, a contemporary Romance available from
Lynbrook's Lady, a Historical Romance coming in August from

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