Monday, September 09, 2013

Things I like about the south

Health problems have kept me away for a bit, but I'm trying to
get back in the swing of things. I may be going in a different
direction with this blog in another month of two, but I'll trying
to keep this updated.

In the meantime, I've decided to comment about my new home state.
We moved south about fifteen years ago, when we retired. Before that
as a child and then as a married woman, I either visited or lived in all
but three of our United States. I've been to the Caribbean but never to
Europe or the far East but at least I can compare the people and the
states in the US.

So here are some comparisons. Many who live in other states may
disagree, but I can't be too wrong because we have transplants coming
south constantly.

First, we only have two seasons here in the south. Football season and
the rest of the year. If you don't like football the south is not for you.
However, I love football, especially college football. And, yes, I do
cheer for Alabama which has a lot of work to do! The football team
of course!

Second, we don't have ice or snow often. Maybe once in twenty or
thirty years, and then not much. Having experienced lots of snow
and ice, I consider this a blessing.

Third, the people here in the south are very friendly. Okay, yes I did
live in New York. and no, I'm sorry but people aren't very friendly. I
also  lived in Michigan, the Detroit area, and they aren't very friendly
either. Neighborly, okay, but the grocery, the state offices, the retail
stores -  not very friendly. Here in the south people greet you even
if they don't know you from Adam, and you smile and greet them back.

Fourth, the people in the south have some unusual driving techniques
I've never encountered before. If the person driving in front of you
signals a left turn, they may not be turning at all.  It may be the car
in front of them or the car in front of the car in front of your car.
And, if the car in front of you pulls over to the side of the road and
you don't hear a siren or see flashing lights, you better pull over too,
because a funeral is approaching from the opposite direction, even
if you have no idea whose funeral it is.

Fifth, here in the south, on Sunday morning most people go to
church. And after church, they go out to eat. Chances are you will
wait for a table if you decide to join the crowd. But it's so nice to
see everyone dressed to the nines!

And last but not least, the weather is remarkable. It can be raining
cats and dogs in the front of the house and dry as a bone in the back
of the house. Despite the rain we have sunshine, lots and lots of
sunshine and when the mood hits, the beaches of white sand are
not far away.

Can you tell I love my new home?

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