Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Journey

One kid is here. Yahoo!  The other bunch is on the way. Tomorrow should be wonderful. Mother love coming out all over the place. I think I'm ready. Well almost. I do want to bake the pie, frozen, just put it in the oven and bake kind. I can't do pies anymore. The house is as clean as it can get at least with the help of my wonderful cleaning lady. She could use some extra prayers or good vibes going her way. One of her sons is sick, in the hospital sick, and she came to clean my house because my kids were coming. I told you she was wonderful.

Menus planned, my office is almost clean. (That has got to be the biggest fib I've ever told). I have stuff everywhere. I probably should close the door and pretend my office doesn't exist while people are here. If anything gets moved, I'll never find it again. At least the oldest said he'd help with the filing early tomorrow. It's too much to do tonight. I haven't put anything away in the files for at least four months and I make copies of everything that could possibly be saved since late August, early September - maybe. I said I have stuff everywhere.

Unfortunately, my elastic band is back. My hospice nurse and I discussed what it might be, listing food eaten, when, how much, breathing, talking (she did say she didn't think my talking had anything to do with the band - Thank the good Lord. (Me not being able to talk is like tying an Italian's hands behind his/her back when in a discussion.) Don't get my wrong, I love Italians. Probably one of the few countries from which I have no ancestors. I just like to talk.  (grinning) Must be the teacher in me.

Now back to the edits. Oh, I said I wasn't going to mention the book again. 


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Runere McLain said...

Sorry the elastic band is showing its behind again, Allison. Good idea to list foods as they often interact with meds. You obviously have a good hospice nurse!

Enjoy your upcoming visit with family. There's nothing better. Do it in small installments . . . like nibbling at a chocolate bar, so it lasts longer! (No, I never had that much control around chocolate ... or family! LOL) Take care of yourself!