Monday, December 09, 2013

The Journey

Oh, boy, late today.  I was working on edits, and trying to finish things up for tomorrow.  And, I'm looking at the next four days, and thinking, I may not have time to get to the computer. It will depend on the time the kids spend here. They do have plans, so they won't be here all the time, but if I can spare  a few minutes, I'll blog. Not promising though.

My cleaning lady arrives early tomorrow, thank goodness.  And by mid afternoon, the mob starts to come. Keeping my fingers crossed I don't get too tired to enjoy them. Yesterday was a shocker. The visit with our neighbors (who I enjoy so much) was a real strain. The elastic band around my middle was back - big time. Could that mean I have to stop talking so much?  Oh, good heavens, NO! say it isn't so.

Today was a good day. And I am really looking forward to the next several days. A few quick prayers I don't get too tired to enjoy, if you have the time. The more the better  (grinning).

We'll see how it goes.

I would say, expect for a few twinges, I'm maintaining my status. That has got to be good.  My hospice nurse is thrilled with the BP and O2 levels. But I have to remember to ask about the tiredness.  Reminder to self.  Ask about tiredness.  (grinning)  Well, I forget things.


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Rita Bay said...

Hi Allison, Enjoy your visit. Take short rests and don't push yourself. Rita