Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Journey

Doing well today. Grocery shopping, finished the Christmas cards, got enough meds to last over the holidays, and had hospice visits. I also found out my daughter and another granddaughter are coming the 23rd. They will decorate and cook and all I'm going to do is make one Mince Meat pie.  Te, he, he! For years and years I did all the cooking.  Not this year!

I promised my daughter I would stay out of the kitchen.  Wonder if I can keep that promise?  We'll see.
Didn't get a bit of editing done today. Busy time of year. Okay, I should have stayed home, but the sun was shining and I hadn't been out of the house for a couple of days. And my going out is limited to the grocery, so that's what I did.  Got some bargain's too!  And that's the best part.

We'll have ham for Christmas. I know, because I bought the thing. And it's a beauty.  Not fond of turkey. Oh, I like the fried turkey, but at my age, I'll not about to invest in a turkey fryer and I sure would want one of those electric ones. The others look too dangerous.  Beside, open flames and O2 don't go together.  (grinning) I'd be the one being fried!


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Rita Bay said...

Glad you're getting out and that your family will be home for the holidays. We're doing turkey and ham for four. Lots to freeze.