Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Journey

I feel good today!  We are working on promotion items, because I'm almost done with Lovesong. And other stories are starting to bounce around in my head. That's the trouble with being an author. Once you finish one book, another one or two or three come sneaking into your head, screaming, Me!, Me!, Me!.

Now I have to decide which one I want to work on next. Time to concentrate on whose story need to be told - the most.

All the Christmas stuff is settled. The kids will do the decorating, and the cooking. (Still grinning like the Cheshire cat) I have only one pie to bake (okay I'm repeating myself, but after years and years spent in the kitchen most of Christmas day, I can only say I'm crowing!!!) Besides, most people know, I'm a Christmas present myself. I was born on Christmas day, in one of the worse snow storms to hit Indiana. And no, I'm not going to mention the year.

So, time to consider what next. And Hooray! They think they know what is causing the elastic bank I've complained about. Pleurisy. So there's stuff I can take, I just can't eat too much at one time. But, and this is the great part. Lots and lots of little meals. Te, he, he, he! So I can eat every couple of hours. Not good for someone wanting to maintain their weight. But, Christmas cookies here I come!

Oh, and when I complained about gaining a pound or two and maybe I should do a bit of dieting, you should have heard my hospice nurse. "The last thing a cancer patient needs to worry about is losing weight.  You DO NOT need to diet!"

Do you have any idea what that means to a chocoholic?  (grinning all the way to the stash of Nickers bars!)

On my way to feed me soon-to-be chubby little face.


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Rita Bay said...

Eat and enjoy! I baking cookies and fudge and making bourbon balls. Maybe pralines, depending on the weather.