Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Journey

Oh boy!  Big mistake.  I made my peanut butter squares yesterday afternoon and used a new peanut butter.  Oh, a national brand, but it was whipped with reduced sugar.  The squares ARE  NOT staying together. it's crumbling as soon as you cut it.  I should have increased the morsels to 1 and 1/4 cups. So what was the point of decreased sugar,  I ask you.

Don't know if that would work, but I'm going back to my plain old (National brand) creamy peanut butter. No reduced sugar, whipped stuff for me. The recipe did not work well.  Oh, well, lots of crumbs for the ice cream for Christmas.

By the way, I'm seeing signs and hearing lots about taking the 'Christ' out of Christmas. Then you have only Mass left and that sure isn't going to set well.  I can think of only two religions that have a 'mass'. Wonder what people would say then?  Just a thought. I sure am going to have a lot of questions I hope to get answered when I get upstairs. I hope God know how curious I am.  (grinning)

Did the last of the grocery shopping today, did the banking. am gathering tax stuff.  I'm pooped already. I just told poor DH it's microwave lunches today. I won't say what he said. On top of that, the poor guy only got a muffin for breakfast.  Busy time, Busy day.

Now, out to the kitchen to microwave and then more to do before the kids start to arrive.


PS.  Feeling good. Has to be the season as well as all the activity. But I have to remember to stop and rest, and I am not a resting person.  Darn!

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Rita Bay said...

Glad your feeling well. Christmas can do that. I did a typo on my gumbo roux recipe last month - yuck!