Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Journey

It's raining, and despite the heavy weather, I'm not doing too badly. I heard from my brother yesterday and we talked on the phone for over an hour. I was so afraid that his liver cancer had returned, and was even speculating about which one of us might go first.

However, another miracle? He liver contains no cancer cells at this time. I can only thank the Lord for that. He's younger, has a business to run, and since our dad died of liver cancer, I know he's a bit fearful of that. So this is fab news all around. The doctors will keep an eye on him, but it looks like it is great news. I'm delighted for him.

Sorry about the recipe mistake. I'm going to try my friend's peanut butter squares this afternoon.
When they brought me a tray of cookies, there were these two squares. The kids got one and I got the other. I thought they were delicious. (Can you tell I like chocolate and peanut butter?) He sent the recipe yesterday and it looks so simple. It will take almost no effort on my part. (Love those kind) In the meantime, I have computer work to do. It's the end of the year and there's lot of stuff to put together.

(sighing!) Oh, the joy of taxes!

Okay, I'm getting to it.


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Rita Bay said...

Be sure to share. I'm making my neighborhood gift trays today. Bourbon balls are the favorite.