Monday, December 23, 2013

The Journey

Late again!  Sheets to wash, bed to change, defrost food for tomorrow, clean one filthy oven. If you've heard the joke Phyllis Diller used to tell about her oven, It was so dirty there was just enough room for a muffin, well, mine might have managed a cookie, a flat one. It had to be clean. And, yes, it's self cleaning, but the racks have to be cleaned by themselves, and the left over ash cleaned out of the oven. The kids are arriving. So time was rushed.

I rested between and got it all done.  I even made the peanut squares. And oh, are these simple.

Here's the recipe.  Alan's peanut and chocolate squares.

1/4 chopped peanuts
1/4 cupped pecans
1 6 oz bag of Reese's peanut butter bits
1 6 oz bag of chocolate chips (I'm thinking any kind of chips that will melt will work.
Sea salt if desired

Microwave the bag of Reese's chips in a microwave proof bowl for 1 min on 50 % power. Stir. then continue in microwave at 15 sec. intervals on 50% power until melted. Add the peanuts and spread on a greased cookie sheet to about a 1/4 " thickness.

Melt the chocolate chips as above, and spread over the peanut mixture. Cover with pecans.

You can shake a bit of sea salt over the pecans if you want.

Cool completely and slice into squares. 

That 's it!  It is a snap!  And is it good.  I'll be gaining a few pounds over the holidays.  I can see that now.



Rita Bay said...

Hope you didn't hurt yourself. My oven caught fire this week. The pies - pecan & pumpkin - overflowed and the overflow caught fire - small one that I doused with water but what a mess!
Happy Holiday.

Rita Bay said...

Recipe looks good. R