Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Journey

First, a Very Merry Christmas to everyone!

Next, because of the day, I won't be blogging tomorrow. There is too much going on.  We have a tradition in the house. On Christmas day we watch - believe it or Not! Galaxy Quest!  It started years ago, and the kids insist.  I am so tired of some of the scenes, but tradition is tradition.  (sigh)

Today, I managed to get quite a few of the things on my list to do before Christmas done.  I'm waiting for daughter and granddaughter to arrive and decorate the tree, then we are finished.  I think!

But, then so am I about finished. I'm pooped. I think I did as bit too much yesterday. But the stove is clean. If you are like me, there is one or two things that really bug you. A dirty stove and those danged toilet stools are at the top of my list.  Both are now clean. So I'm going to go put my feet up and wait until daughter arrives so I can tell her where to put the Christmas balls....  (grinning)


A recap on Thursday.

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