Friday, December 27, 2013

The Journey

Daughter and granddaughter left this am. Oldest son left yesterday. Today is recovery day.

We bought a big trailer years ago, the kind to haul stuff in and we don't need it, so our daughter is taking it home and then the whole family can use it.  We don't have anything to move, the thing sure doesn't work with our cute little car (hey, great gas mileage and we don't go too many places) so it was bothersome. At least DH thought it was. Grass growing up around it, having to move it to mow, those kind of bothersome things.

Daughter also wanted one of my book shelves. Since I'm digital, I don't collect hardback, or paperbacks anymore, all digital, so here was this monster, taking up office space with nothing in it. Daughter and granddaughter loaded it on the trailer along with a corner table that stood empty and Hooray, I now have room to move around in my office. It feels good to get rid of useless stuff that you collect over the years, that no longer serves a purpose. My diagnose was a good reason to look around and say, why not. It's kinda like taking a load off your shoulders. She needs it, it will look good in her office (She does collect some books, (grinning) mine! and a few others, so there will be books, but she's also crafty and makes stuff. It too will find a home. Yep!  Really good feeling.

I'm suffering from Christmas goodies overload. I don't think I want to eat again for a week. I'm trying to think of something really simple for lunch and supper, today, tomorrow, and for at least the next week. But, other than that, along with few twinges, nothing too remarkable. But enough about that!

Time to do 'time lines' for the next set of books. Finish one book, and real quick - start another!

Starting another! OH, and about 'time lines' - great way to plot! Thanks to my DH. (Engineer)


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Rita Bay said...

Glad things went well. We had oysters! Dressing, gumbo, and poboys. Life is good!