Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Journey

Elastic band is back - Dang it!  The Oncologist wants to do some radiation. I want to talk first. Not sure how this and the bad lung will manage.

Did a bit (quite a bit) of shopping this morning. It's a gray, rainy day, in fact it's rained all day. Not many shopping, and that was good.  (grinning) The perfect day to work in the office or read. I'm doing a big of both.  I read and now I'm in the office wrapping more things up.

We have a grocery store that does ready to cook stuff. Stuff peppers, season chicken breasts, meat balls, meat loaf.!  In fact they had a beautiful chuck with potatoes, carrots and onions ready to go, but the thing was way too big for just the two of us. I'll have to wait until oldest son comes to visit in the middle of January and get one then. He'll finish it up in nothing flat. But, I have enough meals for almost two weeks, because I have all kinds of end of the year stuff to do. Business and personal.  The blogs will be short for the next couple of weeks, first because of this band (whatever it is) and the stuff I have to put together. Oh, and then there is that dreaded word - Taxes!  That takes at least three days.

For years my very honest father worked for the IRS, back in the days when....   I won't say anymore.
He told me to keep all of my records, use spread sheets (we didn't call them that back then) but I still have all the receipts, and in some cases I have copies. I've had a computer or two or three crash on me and I've lost stuff so I don't trust copying all your receipts to the computer. And believe it or not, I end up with not one, but two spread sheets. Talk about paranoid.

Yep! That's paranoid. (grinning!). So after today, I suspect for the next week or two it will be short blogs.

Still feeling good and thanking the Lord!  End of the year is no time to feel bad.

Oh and wait until I introduce Phoebe.


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Rita Bay said...

You're ahead of me. Haven't even thought about taxes, even with DH sending very pointed looks. Rita