Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Journey

Stomach band again.  Something I'm going to have to live with, I think. Could be a lot worse, so I'll quit complaining.

DH and I are planning our usual New Year's Eve. We might stay awake to watch the ball drop in NY. After all, he is from the big city, but since our bed time in much earlier anymore, we might not make it. We haven't partied or celebrated in the usual fashion for years and years. We like quiet and peaceful.  Must be 'cause we are getting old.  (grinning)

I'm still trying to decide what to give to whom. One of the nice parts, as I've mentioned before, is that knowing the end is coming, you get to do the things you want to do. Like who do you want to have what. After years or collecting 'stuff' I have a lot of 'stuff' to hand over to someone else. Like my library of books. I've got some fab reference books and trying to decide who gets those is tough.  I'm inclined to give them to one of smallish libraries, but then there are the schools.  It's a quandary! Still thinking about that one.  My special dictionaries are going to my working granddaughters. I do have some really special ones. My Reverse Dictionary is worth it's weight ( and then some).

Then there are the household items.  At the moment, my wonderful DH is copying my cookies recipe book.  When I first started teaching Home Ec, the big companies would send tons of material to hand out. I have a cookie book, circa 1958, from Betty Crocker, with cookie recipes you can't find any place. In the '90's one of my friends laminated the poor thing even though it was in pieces at the time. He's in his office, copying the laminated pages and putting them together for granddaughters.  Told you he was super special.



Runere McLain said...

Sorry that stomach band is making its presence known again. Hope it fades away, and quickly, so you can concentrate on other things.

Wish I'd had your contact information when I did a small blog on favorite reference books, sites, and material! Several authors shared which ones they used most, and a few new writers emailed to say how helpful some of the suggestions were.

I have one of "those" cookbooks. Not the very one you speak of, but one that has loose pages, broken binding, and spatters on the pages from children and grandchildren learning from it. It's a Betty Crocker also, with pictures of every dish. One of the g-sons--while still in diapers-- would sit for hours pointing at this then that picture and saying, "Mawmaw, that looks gooood!" Someone told me I needed to throw the wreck away, but there are too many memories (and great recipes!) to do so. I purchased two copies I found for sale on line; one I will give to that particular g-son when he gets his own place. The other I will resort to when the original becomes too faded. The extra bonus due to that cookbook? That same g-son now cooks me Cornish hen, potato soup, seasoned pork chops, venison dishes (after he's harvested, skinned, and prepared the deer meat for the freezer!)and other items. Nope. No way can I toss that cookbook! LOL

Praying you get to feeling better, Allison. Embrace the New Year for all you're worth! Blessings, lady!

Rita Bay said...

I'm so jealous a Runere's clan, or maybe I would toss them all out the door.

I remember one of your very helpful presentations on research books. I mostly use the internet but have a whole shelf of writing reference books and several shelves of period history.

I donated several bookshelves of research books to the public library. They sold them at the used book sale. Should have gone with the schools.