Monday, December 30, 2013

The Journey

Almost bed time for me.

What a DAY!  I have been all over goggle, fought with a picture my granddaughter sent that turned my computer into a nightmare of extremes, ( I think she might have triggered a virus when she uploaded the picture, because something fouled everything up at my end.) fought with an insurance company and researched a new book.

Fortunately, I have lots of online sources and research books galore, so I slowly found the info I needed. As I told my hospice nurse today when she came to visit during this chaos, I want every detail to be correct. I spent hours on transportation in the 1840's in England, and another hour, trying to figure out what the mother of a Viscount would be called if the Viscount married a commoner. According to my sources, she would still be  Dowager Viscountess. Great fun!

And then I had to find a place for them to live. That meant researching English towns of the 1840's.
Good thing I love to do research.

Now, I'm pooped.  Good thing we go to bed early. Tonight I'm ready already and it's not yet 8 pm our time.  Bad.

Tomorrow is another day.  Ready to put my new found info to work.  (grinning)

If I can get DH to figure out how long it would take a mail coach to reach....



Runere McLain said...

But things are never dull with you! Have to love it!lol

Rita Bay said...

Love that research. Then there were the Irish sisters who started as high-class prostitutes and ended up with titles. HA!!