Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Journey

Biggest question this AM is what should I fix for lunch.  Sad, isn't it, when that's the major concern starting the day.

It's because I don't want to start on end of the year stuff.  It's call procrastinating. (Bit time in this case). I have a whole slew of records to record. I'm not quite ready to start in.  I'll just have to wait until the beginning of the New Year.

I also have to figure out how to start the new tax season on the computer, which involves a new program. I repeat, I don't know why if something works well, the powers to be, want to go ahead and change things.  Consider windows 8, which they say is terrible, now my checking program is changing, and I have this silly notice on my computer which says I should be using explorer 11.  (sighing) Why, if something works well, do I have to change???

Things can wait until Next Year!!!  At least it looks like I made it through 2013. For a while there, I was a bit concerned. Now, if I can make it through tax season, and then through the book edits sure to come, and the Phoebe series? 

If goals can keep you alive, looks like I'll be around for awhile. That should make DH happy. He wants to go first. I wonder if that's because he's not good in the kitchen?????  unkind thoughts this am.  (grinning) But he's not!  In fact he's terrible.  Hot dogs, eggs and toast. A hamburger once in awhile.  That's his repertoire.  Sad, yeah!

Allison, who is going to forgot the computer changes, figure out what to fix for lunch and start in on the book.

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Rita Bay said...

I refuse to download Windows 8. As for food, we're sick and surviving on oatmeal, cheesy grits, and such. We are, however, on the mend