Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Journey

Well, I've found out one thing.  I'm going to have to change my scheduling. I get too tired to do any housework, meal prep, laundry stuff in the afternoon. My writing will therefore be relegated to afternoons to I can shop, clean (and that produces a laugh from DH and a chuckle from me - 'cause I sure don't clean much anymore) meal prep and laundry has to be first thing in the morning.

I can sit at the computer and do computer stuff in the afternoon, no trouble. But, I've always written in the morning and done the other stuff later in the day. Not going to happen anymore. So, we switch. Now I'll be blogging in the afternoon, as I have been, so I have the energy to finish up the necessary morning stuff.  This am it was a trip to the grocery.  They sell bags of wood. (for the fireplace).  We have a fireplace. And yes, I did check with the O2 people. We can have fires. Anyway, got home, put away the groceries, fixed lunch, had to rest and now I can write.

I'm not fond of change, but then who is? I can do it. It will just take a change of habit. So now, I'm ready to write. Still fighting the danged band though.  Have to find out what we can do about it. Maybe I need a new computer chair to change my posture. I'll have to check with the medical team.
See what they say.  (He, he)  So I want a new chair. Can you think of a better excuse?

Allison, trying to think of a better excuse.

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Rita Bay said...

Do what you must and do what you enjoy. The rest is optional. Rita