Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Journey

Writing time.  Except I'm knee deep in taxes and stuff. I got a new used phone a couple of months ago, and I couldn't even answer the thing. I needed a book.  I learn by first reading, then doing. I forget what kind of learning abilities that called.  I do know there are those, like my DH and oldest son, who play around with something and figure it out by doing. That's one way to learn. Unfortunately, they make lousy teachers. You wouldn't believe the screaming matches we have when I yell I don't understand and my DH yells back "Why not! It's simple."  Maybe for him. I gotta read it, try it and learn that way.  You'd think after 53 years of marriage, he'd figure it out.  Nope.

However, today I found an online tutorial for my phone. After printing off nearly 100 pages of instructions, I can figure out what the buttons are for, how to turn the danged thing off and on, and how to make a phone call as well as answer the phone.  Love these smart phones. Not for people like me.

My computer arrived today. I haven't gotten to do more than look at it. Taxes again. Oh, well, in a few days, I'll have some free time - I hope.

For now, I should be writing.  I'm not.  I should be working on clearing the desk to transfer computer stuff.  I'm not.  I wanted to try to making a pizza roll that sounded so good.  I'm not. Then there's the recipe book I promised.  Not yet.

Guess why.  No, don't guess. I've complained enough already.  Good thing I feel pretty good.

However, the oncologist wants an appointment to discuss the elastic band.  (sigh) I'll have to schedule that - but after Taxes.  Can you tell I don't cotton much to Taxes!


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Rita Bay said...

Schedule the damn appointment then do the taxes. Never put off ... well, you know.