Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Journey

After yesterday, I've given a lot of thought to am I really as sick as they say I am. During the day, especially the beginning of the day, I feel good. In fact on some days, great. As the day wears on, though, I kinda melt (if you get my meaning) by the evening when I get ready for bed, and have trouble just getting my clothes off and taking the required meds, I know I'm sick. Funny how in the morning as you begin the day you are fine but by night time, you've had it.

I suspose I should try and pace myself a bit more, but I was always a night person, writing at night, sewing at night, reading at night. So this is all new. I haven't yet adjusted.

And of course, I'm still trying to do what I have usually done, (with the exception of cleaning - but then I never did like to clean). Guess I better start giving more thought to doing a little less at one time. Notice, I didn't say give up what I do! (Not going to happen)

And of course, my new computer is driving me crazy. But geek son is coming in two weeks. I'll let him help. And won't he love that?

Allison, off to fix breakfast and then attempt a plan for today that will not leave me totally wilted by five pm.

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Marianna Campbell said...

I don't think my dad can get enough of the computer thing :) Honestly Im so Sick of windows I put Linux on my computer and have never been happier. It also makes it impossible for Brian to use my computer lol. I can't wait to hear about whatever your new book is :)