Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Journey

Still fighting with the new (old) computer. And today I'm struggling a little. I'm having to take more breaks than usual. Might be because I did a lot yesterday. Today, I've discovered I can frost a cake sitting down. How about that? I can also put the shirts on hangers sitting down. I'm finding I can do a lot of things I didn't think I could do sitting down.

Cooking is still the problem. I've tried to do that sitting, and I can't do it yet. Working on it. I'll get there. I'm surprised at what I can do with my butt in a chair. And that does make a difference. I can do more. Now cleaning - HA! But then I've already commented on my love of cleaning. Do you hear the sarcasm in those words? Our cleaning lady will be here Tuesday and my great DH gave the kitchen floor a good swipe two days ago, so we no longer stick to it as we walk.  (grinning)  Of course it would be helpful if I wasn't a messy cook. To late to change now.

Now college football is finished and the Olympics are coming up. I like watching some of the contests, especially the ice skating, and I'll watch some of it, although I've started on that next book in earnest now. I have to have a title, the characters named, and a location before I can really get started, and I have all that now. No more excuses.

And we'll see what the nurse says about my call to make the Doctor's appointment.  His receptionist says I can't make one. That blew me away. Because I'm on hospice, I can't see the doctor? Doesn't make any sense, but that's what she said when I called. I'll be interested in what my hospice nurse has to say to that.

Now, off to the office and the work horse computer to start the next novel. All my research and my writing programs are on that machine, as well as four dictionaries, one that dates words, essential with my work. (Of course it's a historical romance)


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