Monday, January 13, 2014

The Journey

The new computer is still giving me fits. I've decided to ignore it for a while. I'll spend today writing and trying to finish up a couple of little items yet to be seen to.

We were advised to put together a note book for the executor of our wills, a terrific idea by the way,
of insurance policies, bank account numbers, copies of our wills, anything that pertains to the settling of our estates. I have one or two more items to add to it and it's then complete. I can give it to the executor or my DH can give it to our executor when it's closer to the right time.

I'll admit at night, I get the feeling it won't be much longer and then in the morning after a good night's sleep, I swear the diagnosis is all wrong. (grinning) Wonder what my doctor would say if I told him I was sure he missed the boat.

I did that once before. He kept insisting I have an EKG and I kept telling him, bragging in a way, "We don't have heart trouble in our family!" Boy was I wrong on that one. Hence the double heart bypass of last year, well in 2012. I sure did have heart trouble.  Of course I apologized. And he accepted it gracefully. I can't help but wonder what he would do if I marched into his office in the morning and said, "Hey,  Doc, you got this cancer thing all wrong!" Do you think I better run or duck or both?  Probably both! Knowing him, he'd throw up his hands and say he went to medical school, I didn't.  And he would be right.  But you gotta wonder!

Allison, ready to start on the next book.

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Runere McLain said...

Things always seem to loom when we're weary. When you start to feel down, Allison, remember instead the optimism you experience when you wake refreshed. You can use that as your reason to take cat naps during the day! *wiggles eyebrows*

Glad you have the strength of will to handle things before time. Makes me realize there are things we need to adjust. And yet I'll probably prevaricate from sheer avoidance . . . okay, cowardice.

Take things slow and easy, woman, and simply refuse to stress yourself. Praying things happen in the medical field that will be useful in your case! Blessings!