Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Journey

It's a bright sun shiny day, and yeh!, I do feel good. Winded as always, and nothing to complain about but that danged band - which is back. I thought it was mainly when I ate, but I haven't had breakfast yet, so I'll just have to figure something else out.  It's called self - diagnosis, and my doctors hate it when I do this.  (grinning) Well, a bit of science knowledge and it just goes to my head.

I doubt anyone has ever noticed, but in each of my books I do have a medical problem of some sort. Often it's a physical thing, like the bear attack in Sara where she has to batch the hero up, or in Windsong, where the hero is being starved to death. I really enjoy researching medical problems as long as they are not my own. I have also used psychological problems also. Lynbrook's Lady is one of those.

But you guessed it, if you thought as soon as they told me I had lung cancer, I was at the computer trying to find out as much about it as I could. I was not particularly pleased with what I found. Now, this band business is something else. First, not sure what part of me is involved. I need the Doctor to say it's the diaphragm, or the stomach or whatever other part they are thinking about. Then I'll hit the computer.  (Of course, I will just have to find out as much as I can.) Curious, or just plain nosy?

In the meantime, I better feed my other half breakfast so I can get going on the latest book. And this time the medical problem is poison. No, I'm not giving anything away, because everyone knows by the end of the first chapter, the hero is being poisoned. The question is - by whom and why?

Allison, ready to fix breakfast now.

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