Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Journey

Busy day again today. We went to Sam's and when we came home as I was putting stuff away I failed to notice that my O2 tubing had a kink in it. How long I was not getting enough O2 I don't know, but I do know that all day I've been trying to catch up. I'm absolutely pooped. I did do some writing, in fact I finished the first chapter of the new book, but that only requires sitting at the computer with little moving around, so I could manage that.

But today, I feel for my poor DH. Fifty foot of green tubing, the O2 tubing, gets pulled around the house as I move. He gets caught in it regularly, and it twists like crazy which was why the kink this morning. He's been trying to figure out a way to keep the thing from twisting yet flexible enough so that I can move around. He spent the afternoon cutting lengths of plastic molding stuff into short sections, then place the tubing in it. So far so good. I've only got caught once. When you can't cut the tubing, or add anything that will make it heavier, it's a problem.  From my hospice nurse I hear this is a major problem with anyone on O2. You either carry around a cylinder, often seven to ten pounds, or you are connected to a hose, either 25 ft or 50 ft. Neither one is good, but at least you can breathe.

Now I'm watching for kinks. (grinning) not kooks, although I know there are a lot of those. No, I'm talking about kinks...


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