Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Journey

Third time has got to be charm. I've tried to post this three times. Something is not right with my Goggle setting, because every time I finish the post and hit enter to enter my name, the whole thing turns to HTML. I can't find the setting to change whatever needs to be changed. Geek son better know how to change it or I'm in trouble. Now to my comments on today.

According to hospice I'm holding my own. I don't like the faces they make when they listen to my lungs, but then I know the left lung, which causes the most frowns, is bad, so I shouldn't be surprised. However, the rest of me is doing okay, and with the exception of that unknown, unnamed, questionable elastic band around my middle that comes and goes, I have no complaints. Not happy with the need to drag 50 ft. of tubing around all over the house, but anyone on O2 is stuck with the same thing, So far, DH's idea is working well. So I'm managing.

No twists, no kinks today, If you missed yesterday's blog, you would know I got into a bit of trouble because of a kink. Today's going fine. Now if I can get to the rest of my writing objectives for today. If I hadn't had to fool with google for hours and hours, trying to find that html command, I would have been fine. Always something.

Off to start the next chapter of the new book (and praying that when I hit enter text will remain and not turn into html. Here goes)


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