Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Journey

Well, the last couple of days have been a little tough. Hard to breathe, and slow to recover. My DH asked last night if I was getting worse. It started me thinking. And I do have to agree with him. Yes, a little worse. But that was to be expected. The weather is changing rapidly and weather does seem to affect me more that I ever thought it would. So much of the lack of any improvement has got to be in part, because of the weather.

As I learn to slow down (which is next to impossible for an Alpha - which I kinda figure I am) and eat small amounts of food more often (that effects that elastic internal band, we have yet to get diagnosed) I hope to be able to keep going for quite a long time. The important thing I think, is to have goals, but they have to be obtainable goals. That said, my new goal is not to finish the book I'm working on, but to complete the next two chapters. Reduce the goal, reduce the stress. Well, it sound like a workable solution.  (grinning)

So, I'm now off to write the next chapter. I Started it last night, and I like what I have, so off to make my heroine's life a bloody mess (quoting an English friend here).


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