Monday, January 20, 2014

The Journey

Oldest son arrives today. His job is to take his father to the doctor tomorrow for the cataract surgery. Oh, joy. DH does not like doctors, does not like hospitals, and hates, absolutely hates, anything having to do with anything medical.  The next day or two should be fun.

I'm doing better today. Maybe the thought of oldest son here to help has something to do with it. Could be, for I'm not looking forward to tomorrow or the days that follow. I had cataract surgery several years ago and I don't know how much things have changed, but DH is going to bulk, if
his restrictions are the same as mine. But, hey, I get to do the driving for a change.

I like to drive, have driven a lot in my life, maneuvered Detroit's interstate highways and side streets for a number of years. I've driven in the west and all over the south, and I do like to drive.  However, DH says I make him nervous, so he does our driving now. As I said, don't know what the restrictions will be for him, but I doubt he will be allowed to drive for a couple of days.

To which I'm yelling Yeah!  Now, I get to drive. Doesn't make me feel so disabled,  which you do with fifty feet of tubing trailing behind you.

Now on to the book. Yesterday I watched football.  I'm so bad, didn't write a thing.  Today I have to do twice as much writing. But then maybe I needed a day of doing nothing.  And that was yesterday.


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Runere McLain said...

You weren't being lazy, you were simply storing up energy to get 'em good a bit later, Allison!

Glad you're getting to exercise a bit of 'independence' by driving. Just resist the temptation to cruise all night, and remember to come home before the tank runs out of gas. Your temporary escape loses some of it's shine if you have to call for a rescue! LOL

Blessings, lady! Hope your Hubby's cataract surgery and recovery go well. Enjoy the son being there!