Saturday, January 04, 2014

The Journey

Well, I missed yesterday. Not because anything was wrong, but just unbelievably busy. Well, that's not quite right.

DH has a cataract. He needs surgery. He hates hospitals. Doesn't really like doctors. So, until he found out that the surgery would only take a few minutes he was uptight. (Do you think?)

Then he found out he had to see the heart doctor and get cleared for a five minute surgery. I thought he was going to go ballistic. He didn't want to go. I think he was afraid of finding something wrong. I took him in to the doctor yesterday, first thing in the morning. We left at eight thirty. After a long wait, he came out smiling big time.  He was fine. Everything checked out. His heart is fine, BP good, he's good to go. Much more relaxed.

Of course, I'm trying to get all the paper work out of the way, so yesterday kinda got lost. Hospice came, several calls, O2 supplies arrived. I just screwed up. Didn't get to my computer all day.  (sigh)

And I have a new (used) laptop sitting in the dining room and I can't do a thing with it yet.  (another sigh) I need to pull stuff from this lap top I'm using that has something wrong with it. I don't want to transfer what's wrong with it to the new computer.  Dang It!

Oh, well,

At least I feel pretty good.

Count my blessings! Okay, counting away!


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Rita Bay said...

Glad DH is well and you're feeling better. I swear by Norton 360. I buy it every year after Thanksgiving when it is on sale. It allows uploads to 3 computers which works well. I don't have to do a thing.