Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Journey

Well, it didn't go well. Everyone says a cataract surgery is easily, but DH can't see. I have a feeling they screwed up. The original appointment was messed up, and then when we got that straightened up, the surgery seemed to go okay, however, it managed to get delayed by almost an hour. In recovery the instructions were given, followed at home and then came a phone call from the recovery nurse. The instructions given in recovery were not the right instructions. So, he's off to see the doctor and find out what is wrong.

In the meantime I need to do what he usually does, and now I'm pooped. Not up to snuff at the moment. And I'm scared to death they messed up his eye. I was the one who insisted he have the cataract fixed so he could see well enough to do the things he wants to do. He's a great photographer, but he needs both eyes. If they messed up the right eye, he'll be handicapped. So, yours truly feels guilty.

Praying hard things can be fixed, like right now! After so many years together, we share our feelings. He worries about me, I worry about him, he feels so responsible, and right now, I feel so responsible. I also feel so sorry for people who don't have someone to share all of these feelings at the end of their lives. Who do they talk to, how do they share what bothers them? Marriage does have it's compensations.


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