Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Journey

Today is a slow day. DH is okay. His eye swelled which caused the extreme fuzziness. Not uncommon. The eye drops will help and he is now agreeing to let me put them in. I'm so relieved. And not feeling as guilty.  (grinning).

However, I'm noticing a bit of a slow down for me. Takes a little longer each week to get things done. Cooking is still the hardest thing I have to do. I also have a pair of slippers, no heels, and I have to fight to keep them on. As cold as it is I would like to wear them, but it takes too much of an effort to keep them on my feet. So, I'm barefoot. Good thing I live in the south. But even here it's cold.

I'm still trying to remember to slow down. After raising four kids, working as a teacher, managing the house and doing all the sewing I did meant I worked at warp speed a lot of the time. I always have. Now I can't and it is frustrating. I really need to remember I don't have to go like that now. Hmmmmm  Is this another part of the memory bit that seems to slip with age? Maybe I should develop a mantra! You don't need to rush, you don't need to rush, you don't ...  Well, you get the idea.


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Runere McLain said...

Glad to hear things are better for your Hubby, Allison. Eye surgery is scary, I don't care how routine they claim it is.

And you need to sit down and decide which of the things you do day to day are truly the most important. I know after doing your own cooking for so many years it's hard to stop. Yet I also know that microwave dinners and prepackaged casseroles have come a long way in terms of nutrition and flavor. (Absolutely they have! Why else would God make factories for Marie Callender, Healthy Choice, and frozen pizza? LOL) It's the company sharing the meal that's of the utmost importance in the long run, not the hours preparing it.

Take care of the two of you! Blessings to you both!