Friday, January 24, 2014

The Journey

First, DH is doing well. Despite the bad start, the fuzzy eye, the messed up instructions, his eye is better today than yesterday. So, he's doing well. And today is a good day for me. I feel good. Must have gotten the needed rest. Anyway,
today is a good day. Funny how one day will be really good, the next okay, then a couple of oh-oh days, when moving from one point to another is difficult.

I expect the oh-oh days to occur more frequently as time goes on. I'm told being so tired is part of the condition, so I'm expecting it. Trying to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I get too bad. And according to my nurse, it could be quite a while because all the vitals are really good. That's good, because I still have a lot to do.  (grinning) It's because I procrastinate. Or I start one thing and think, oh, shoot, I really should be doing this, so I go to do the thing I decided I should be doing. Okay, so I'm not the terrific organized person I think most of us would like to be.

Anyway, time to start the taxes. Not something I look forward to.  Let's see is there something else I should be doing???
Oh, I know. I don't like chapter two of the new book. I have to rewrite that. Yes, I do need to do that. Afraid the taxes will have to wait for a bit.


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