Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Journey

We went to the grocery this morning. I get my meds there. Low and behold, she tells I have seven scripts. I almost choke. There was only a short time ago, I only had four. Now I'm up to seven. Fortunately, we do have financial help with the medications, but my heart aches for those people in my position who don't have any help. I don't blame the pharmacy, nor the drug companies, because I can only guess what it takes to make a new drug, the testing and the regulations involved. And I know it takes five years of college to be a pharmacist, 'cause I thought at one time I might be interested in going back to school.  But, it would have required another two years, and I wasn't ready for that. There were classes I would have taken in my fourth year of college instead of the teaching classes I did take, then you have the internship, unpaid of course, meaning you pay the college, and the company with which you intern does not pay you. Not for me. I stayed with the teaching!

I guess progress must take some of the blame. Maybe more competition. I don't know, I'm not an economist. All I know is there have got to be a lot people out there who can not afford their needed drugs. I'll have to remember to get down on my knees tonight and every night while I can and thank God that we can afford them.

Maybe that's part of why I don't freaking out over my situation. In the end I'll be in a better place, but I'm tried hard not to leave a terrible mess behind. And yes, I do believe in ghosts. I think those are the poor souls who have passed on and left all kinds of unfinished things behind. That's my main goal. Have everything tied up nicely so my family doesn't have
problems on top of more problems when I leave here.

In the meantime, I'm still procrastinating about the taxes. Better take my afore mentioned concern more seriously, don't you think?  (grinning) - But not today. Today I'm going to write.  (Bad Allison, very bad!)


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